Sanjay 1One of the joys of seeing a Pixar film in theaters is the original short that precedes the feature. Classics like For the BirdsGeri's Game and most recently Lava have delighted audiences and proven that Pixar can tell stories in 7-minutes as effectively as they can in 90. Movie goers heading to theaters this holiday season to see The Good Dinosaur may find that the short before it, Sanjay's Super Team, is the real star of the program.

Sanjay is an American immigrant from India who is in love with a popular superhero show. Unfortunately, it comes on at the same time as family prayer with his father. Bored at the family's shrine, Sanjay's imagination runs wild as he enters the world of his Hindu deities and discovers their powers are just as cool as his superhero idols.

Sanjay 2There is very little dialogue in Sanjay's Super Team, making it instantly accessible to everyone. You don't have to have any understanding of the Hindu religion or Indian culture to appreciate everything that is happening within the short. Kids will love it because Sanjay is relatable and the heroes are cool. Parents will appreciate the dynamic of having to find balance in your child's life.

Sanjay's Super Team adds incredible entertainment to your movie going experience. It adds some wonderful diversity to the landscape of Pixar animation, not just in terms of the culture within the short but also when attached to The Good Dinosaur, which is surprisingly American in tone and spirit. This short is almost too good and when attached to an underwhelming feature, easily becomes the star of the package.

I give Sanjay's Super Team 5 out of 5 sparking action figures.