Galloping Butch boxA new Pixar film means new tie-in toys for kids and The Good Dinosaur is no exception. Interest in dinosaurs couldn't be higher with products like Dinosaur Train, Jurassic World and now The Good Dinosaur. I was a kid when the first Jurassic Park film was released and the toys were a highlight of my childhood. But the best toy in that bunch was the T-Rex with stomping and roaring action.

With that in mind, the coolest toy in The Good Dinosaur collection is without a doubt Galloping Butch. From TOMY toys, this plastic version of the fierce ranch leader is over a foot long from nose to tail (he's so big that the tip of his tail is found separately in the box and needs to be snapped in). Matching the other figures in the collection, Butch is hard plastic but closely captures the details of his on-screen counterpart, including scars on his left cheek and a snaggletooth on his right side.

The other Good Dinosaur toys from TOMY feature moveable action, but aren't battery operated. This is where Galloping Butch stands out. His jaw is hinged and connected to his front arms. Moving them up or down reveals three phrases by voice Sam Elliott and two different roars. If you hold him by his tail, another button creates a realistic looking running motion as he plays foot-stomping sounds. The legs alternate and are even hinged at the knee for realistic motion. His whole body lunges forward and back and his mouth chomps open and close.

Whether or not your kids have seen The Good Dinosaur, it's hard to deny that the toys are cool and they were probably eyeing them on their last tour of the toy aisle. With a suggested retail price of $39.99, Galloping Butch is a little more expensive than your average "reward for good behavior" toy, making him a perfect choice for a holiday gift. Especially if your little one already has some of the other dinosaur toys from TOMY that are to this same scale.