It’s the most wonderful time of the year with festive fun and seasonal cheer having descended onto the Tokyo Disney Resort. Soon we will explore Tokyo DisneySea and its Christmas Wishes event but right now we are going to take a look at Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy event.
Disney’s Christmas Stories
This brand new sparkling parade includes popular Disney Christmas Stories and all your favorite Disney friends are on hand to add more magic. The line up includes…
Unit 1: Donald, Daisy and Family
Unit 2: Stitch and Friends
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Unit 3: Toy Story
Unit 4: Mickey, Minnie & Friends
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Unit 5: Beauty and the Beast
Unit 6: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
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Unit 7: Frozen
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The characters are joined by over 90 performers and a very catchy Christmas soundtrack. It has become the highlight of the Christmas offerings at Tokyo Disneyland with prime viewing areas along the parade route being taken one to two hours before the parade actually starts.
Dreamlights, the popular Electrical Parade, is also getting into the Holiday spirit this year with seasonal costumes and music. And the beautiful new Rapunzel float which was introduced over the summer.
At the moment, the park is filled with the most delightful Christmas decorations and music. The central area in front of Cinderella Castle has Christmas stories coming out of the pages of books. World Bazaar is home to the park's Christmas tree and is such a magical place to hang out and enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland Band playing all our holiday favorites. Danny the Lamb, the official mascot for 2015, is also looking his Christmas best adorned with a Santa hat.
Food and Merchandise
The merchandise always plays an important part to any special event at the Tokyo Disney Resort and Christmas Fantasy 2015 is no exception. Soft toys, cookie tins, pins and many more goodies featuring the Christmas Fantasy design are available in most of the stores at the park.
Several of the restaurants around the park are also currently offering special food related items and menu sets. We were fortunate to have a few and all of them were exceptional.
Resort Line
The Tokyo Disney Resort Line (Monorail) is also celebrating the holidays. All the stations have been decorated with banners, wreaths and tinsel. And even one of the monorails has received a Christmas transformation with a Hawaiian theme to help promote the new Stitch Encounter attraction.
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