I don’t think there is any better season to visit Tokyo DisneySea then during Christmas Wishes. The Mediterranean Harbor dazzles at night with the reflections bouncing of the water in the harbor, decorations are very tactfully placed around each Port blending into and helping to create a very romantic Christmas atmosphere, and the cool breeze coming off from Tokyo Bay gives a cold Christmassy feel. The holidays are truly is the best time of the year to visit Tokyo DisneySea.
A Perfect Christmas
Christmas Perfect is this year's main entertainment and is held three times daily around the Mediterranean Harbor. Mickey calls out to his friends to best describe what Christmas means to them through song and dance. The show is filled with many of your favorite Disney friends and Santa Claus arrives during the finale. The show is enjoyable although it will come across to many long time Disney fans as a letdown due to the recycling of much of the music and costumes. 75% of the show is sadly taken from previous entertainment shows held over the last few years.
Colors of Christmas and other Entertainment
Colors of Christmas is presented nightly on the waters of the Mediterranean Harbor. It’s a character greeting show set to Christmas music. The finale involves the lighting of the floating Christmas tree. This is also the main barge used for Fantasmic which is presented earlier during Christmas Wishes. Shows Big Band Beat and A Table Is Waiting offer alternative Christmas versions during this time of year. Unfortunately, we do not know if the Big Band Beat alternative Christmas version will return in 2016 because of the updates coming to the show next year as part of the 15th Anniversary at Tokyo DisneySea.
A number of Disney characters can be found through out the Park wearing special Christmas costumes or accessories. These include:
  • Goofy and Chip 'n' Dale in Port Discovery
  • Ariel in Mermaid Lagoon at her Greeting Grotto
  • Marie and Clarice in American Waterfront
  • Pinocchio & Friends around the right side of Mediterranean Harbor.
Christmas decorations fill the various Ports of Tokyo DisneySea. Banners can be found up on display at the entrance, Duffy themed Christmas and Journey with Duffy decorations are up around Cape Cod, and the Lost River Delta comes alive at night with the Festival of Lights.
Food and Merchandise
A huge selection of Duffy and Christmas Wishes merchandise is available in stores around the [ark. It is recommended to bring plenty of money with you for Christmas related purchases. The Duffy goods are especially very cute this year. Restaurants also celebrate this time of the year with special seasonal foods like Eggnog and Chocolate Churros.
That concludes our look at the Tokyo Disney Resort Parks for Christmas 2015. I do have a final article for you soon which takes a look at Disneyland Paris during Christmas.