Reddit user NSFMagic recently posted a picture they had just taken from a ride through Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World.


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It's a little dark, but you can clearly make out the last bride in line is missing her head. Thankfully, it's just an Audio-Animatronic. As would be expected, the Reddit community responded with some very clever quips including...

Given that she's missing a head, I'll give you six... six bottles of rum. (theanswar)

Apparently she believed Trader Sam's two for one special. (cmcguinness)

Well, no wonder she's crying... (MGJon)

she seems like a bit of an air head, but I'm sure she's really nice. not much for conversation though. (billypowergamer)

And my favorite:

Did anyone check for a hatbox nearby? (ToliB)

Perhaps her dream mate was to be found only a few rooms down where this guy was having a little head trouble of his own (actually this is from 2010).

Have you ever seen Audio-Animatronic issues like this on a Disney attractoin?