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The 14-year-old actress on Disney Channel's Girl Meets World (aka, one of the best shows you're not watching — yes, you should be watching a Disney Channel sitcom, I ain't lyin') is slaying the game of stardom at the moment, and there is no stopping her now. Let me repeat that: a 14-year-old is better than you. I'm sorry to tell you the truth. It took me a full day to contemplate my life choices, but I've come to terms with the fact and I am #TeamRowan all the way.

As the star of a Disney Channel sitcom, there are various "norms" one receives. You usually get t-shirts with your face on them, at least one DCOM of your own, a couple singles available for purchase on iTunes, then a decision when your show ends of how to continue being in the spotlight (new TV shows, the music route, becoming an international superstar...I 'm looking at you Miley...). That is what happened for Hilary Duff, Raven-Symone, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and even more in between. However, Rowan Blanchard is in the midst of her Disney Channel career and she is dropping the mic on the reg. She is the best Disney Channel star there ever will be. OH YEAH, I'M DROPPING THESE TRUTHS BOMBS EVERYWHERE!

Girl Meets World has been very successful for the network, bringing back the ideals of morals and lessons in every episode, but not always in a super preachy "Do You Get The Point?!" kind of way. Recently, they aired "Girl Meets Rileytown," an episode devoted to cyber bullying. As I was watching Rowan on that screen, who usually (along with the entire cast) brings a sense of humor and comedy that Disney Channel hasn't seen since That's So Raven (the best sitcom ever aired on Disney Channel), I was taken aback by the drama and rawness she was giving viewers. Both Rowan and Sabrina Carpenter (who plays Maya) were bawling their eyes out, one depressed, sad, and angry she was being cyber bullied, while the other was sad she had to see her friend struggle through this. Rowan killed it an solidified herself as Disney Channel royalty *walks down hall of Raven, Hilary and Selena portraits as Rowan's is hung*

"So she's a great actress, big whoop, a lot of people are and you clearly aren't writing an article about Meryl Streep? What gives?" is what you're probably saying right now, to which I reply SIMMER DOWN, SON. What Rowan adds to her credentials is a sense of maturity and understanding of the world around her that no other Disney Channel star has revealed at such a young age.

Rowan has grabbed a hold of a large social media following that crosses gender, race and age due to her amazing work of bringing real-life issues to the forefront of tween and teen minds. Rowan is a feminist and she is proud of it, as she should be. Rowan is against institutionalized racism and she is proud of it, as she should be. With her platform on Disney Channel though, she is teaching millions of kids about these issues and how they can be the generation to stop them, which is pretty remarkable. Her recent Tumblr essay on feminism and equal rights went viral from its poignancy and its ability to resonate with kids and adults alike.

Her fashion sense? Amazing. Her comedic timing? Amazing. Her opinions on equal rights? Amazing. I'm 19 and I binge watch Girl Meets World while I stuff my face with Doritos, wondering how I can get a role on the show. Rowan is 14 and is teaching people across the globe the beauty in the word "acceptance."

My overall point? Rowan is quickly becoming the most influential, hilarious, amazing person ever to come out of Disney Channel. Here's to the future. Love ya, Rowan!

(P.S. Sing more songs. My ears need it. kthxbai)