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Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy made its debut at Tokyo Disneyland last year to tremendous success. The event was so popular it was announced that a second year would take place between January 12 - March 18, 2016. New for this year is a brand new “Frozen Fantasy” Parade.  This new Parade features several floats with a Frozen theme, and all your favourite Frozen Characters. The Tokyo Disney Resort Website describes this Parade as the following...

This special parade themed to the Disney film Frozen can only be experienced at Tokyo Disneyland. Anna and Elsa, wishing to have fun with the Guests again this year, arrive bringing more of their friends from the Kingdom of Arendelle. And when Anna expresses her wish to play with everyone in the snow, Elsa asks the Guests to help enhance her special power and succeeds in making snow fall. The parade comes to a spectacular finale as everyone dances in the falling snow to the music of “Let It Go.”

Special thanks to our resident photographer in Japan, Yuriko for sending these Parade images into LaughingPlace so quickly for us.
Anna and Elsa’s Frozen fantasy can be enjoyed until March 18, 2016 at Tokyo Disneyland.
Highlights include…  
Frozen Fantasy Parade
Once Upon A Time (Winter Version)
Daily Greeting with Anna and Elsa in front of the Castle
Special Merchandise
Special Menus
Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy is already scheduled to return to the Park next year from January 13 - March 17, 2017. So if you don’t have plans to visit this year you can always visit next year instead.