As has become a trend, Disney Parks is hosting a sneak peek of the latest from the Walt Disney Studios. With Zootopia just over a month away, a sneak peek has opened at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios.


At Disney's Hollywood Studios the sneak peek is hosted in the theater of One Man's Dream. The theater traditionally shows a film about the life of Walt Disney but has recently hosted a sneak peek of The Good Dinosaur.


Disney California Adventure is hosting the preview in the "It's Tough to be a Bug" theater. This edition is presented in 3D, using Muppet-Vision glasses, while also featuring the in-theater effects that are associated with the normal attraction.


Both versions were handing out masks, think Burger King crowns, of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. This had a neat side effect of guests throughout the park sporting bunny or fox ears, giving the film a greater level of promotion.


We don't want to give the sneak peek away, but it features scenes that showcase the humor, heart, and action that is expected from this film that Bob Iger believes will be a "sleeper hit."

Zootopia will be released March 4.