If you’re a Disney fan looking for a unique way to reinvigorate your Christian walk, Randy Crane’s Faith and the Magic Kingdom successfully uses the familiar settings and numerous backstories and histories of Disneyland as a lens that brings the Christian walk into unique focus. Not only does this title bring a fresh look at Christian walk it provides a helpful starting point to those perhaps new in Christianity yet fascinated by Disneyland.

Throughout its pages author Randy Crane is our tour guide offering his Disneyland experiences and knowledge of its history or its hidden details to reinforce the lessons of scripture. He doesn’t try to convince you that Disneyland is Christian or Biblical in its own right, instead he uses his experiences or the stories of Disneyland’s creations as metaphors and lessons that can be applied in Christian life. In this way it goes beyond the basic Devotional that offers a single scripture and topic for a daily read. Among the delights of studying the Scriptures is the opportunity to uncover their many facets. Disney fans know that is also part of what we love in our frequent visits to Disneyland. It was a delight to find a title that combines both of these joys into a single title.

Among my favorite illustrations was Randy’s choice to simply highlight the guest experience within the Esplanade. He eloquently describes this odd middle ground at the Disneyland Resort where you’ve been through a Security check, Disney music plays, elements of the Parks are visible, monorails zoom overhead, Disney cast are present are at your aid but you haven’t been through the turnstiles yet, you aren’t fully engaged in Disney theme park fun. Using this experience he challenges the reader to examine their commitment to the Christian life using Paul’s admonishments to “put on the whole armor” and be “clothed in Christ.”  He asks the reader to consider if they would be content to simply stay in the Esplanade as their day at Disneyland? And then to consider if in their commitment to the Christian walk, do they casually walk with Christ on the edges or have they completely committed, entering the turnstiles and immersing themselves in His life. In this simple example Randy transformed my journey through the Esplanade into a personal Christian gut check – “Am I putting on the whole armor?”

If you’ve been seeking a unique way to develop a daily habit of reviewing the Scriptures I’d like to recommend Faith and the Magic Kingdom as you will find yourself learning more about the history and hidden details of Disneyland while also bringing new understanding and new considerations to the choices we make in our Christian walk.

To purchase the book through Amazon in paperback, Kindle, or Audible format or for an autographed copy visit http://www.leavingconformitycoaching.com/autographedbooks In addition to the book Randy offers a dynamic Facebook page to continue the support and discussion.