IMG_9977Disney's Animal Kingdom has long been testing many different activities meant to draw children to the park. The latest attempt adds the stars of the hit Disney Junior show The Lion Guard to the park.IMG_9971For those of you (myself included) that had not heard of The Lion Guard, it's a Disney Junor show that focuses on Simba's son Kion and his friends; a diverse team of young animals that learn how to utilize each of their unique abilities to solve problems and accomplish tasks to maintain balance within the Circle of Life.

When you enter the park, on the back of the Times Guide at the very bottom is the only bit of advertising for the activity and even then tracking down the map was a bit of a challenge.

IMG_9996Once you do acquire the map, it lays out the challenge in front of you very well. Track down Kion and his friends, take a picture of you/your child (after all this is supposed to be for the younger ones), and then head out to Rafiki's Planet Watch to be sworn in as a member of The Lion Guard.IMG_9981The members of The Lion Guard are called out on the map included very well so the challenge is not too difficult for kids of any age, but it is fun to track down the very colorful statues.IMG_9973 IMG_9972 IMG_9975 IMG_9978 IMG_9980With all members of The Lion Guard "captured," it is off to Rafiki's Planet Watch to join their ranks.IMG_9982 Once at Conservation Station, the Cast Members do a small ceremony for each new member of The Lion Guard where they swear them in, present them with their membership button, and have Photopass take a picture.IMG_9984IMG_9986 IMG_9987Overall, this activity was a good hour to hour and a half of fun without the map, with the map maybe 30-45 minutes, but, no matter what, it's enjoyable. I liken to the Epcot Easter Egg Hunt; it is not very challenging but still a lot of fun... even without a little one! If you are heading to Disney's Animal Kingdom, it is a must do along with the Wilderness Explorers, which can actually be done at the same time.IMG_9988