As a Disney fan, I was excited to visit the TOMY Toys booth at Toy Fair 2016. Last year was filled with some fun, memorable toys based on Pixar's Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur and as the exclusive licensee for Disney's Zootopia, I couldn't wait to get a look at what's in store for 2016 from TOMY.


Zootopia is just a few days away from release, but kids and toy enthusiasts can get an early introduction to these characters with action figures and plush toys based on these characters. Zootopia was our first stop on the TOMY tour. A line of posable figures is currently available and since animals in Zootopia come in all shapes and sizes, larger figures are paired with a smaller one. A perfect example is Nick Wilde, who comes with his con-artist pal Finnick. I received this character pack for review purposes and both figures are very well made. Nick's arms go out-and-in in addition to forward and back. His legs can bend to put him in a sitting position and his tail can pivot to allow this as well. Finnick is less articulated, with a head that can turn and a tail that can rotate and helps keep the character upright.

Zootopia- Core Figure-Nick & Finnick

Another toy that was given to us at the event was Officer Clawhauser, an overweight cheetah. At first glance, this figure looks too solid to move. But in addition to an articulated head and arms, his legs actually bend! His hips are complete circles, allowing him to be placed into a surprising sitting position. He is paired with a bat eyewitness who, while adorable, is a completely solid figure.

Zootopia- Core Figure-Clawhauser & Bat Eyewitness

Other characters included in the currently available line of action figures include Judy Hopps, Mayor Lionheart and Mr. Big.

Two vehicle play sets are currently available. Judy's Police Cruiser features her supped up squad car from the end of the film and lights up while driving. Nick Wilde's convertible is complete with parking ticket under the windshield wiper and even comes with a parking meter which is paid on one side, expired on the other. To me, the most impressive aspect was that the seats accommodate each character's tails.

Later this Spring, Judy Hopp's meter maid vehicle will also join the fleet of Zootopia vehicles.

Zootopia- Meter Maid Pursuit

TOMY promises that four new poseable figures will be released this Fall along with another vehicle, Finnick's van. But the Police Station play set was the toy that intrigued me the most. It features two working elevators, one for small figures and one for regular sized ones. A mini-projector displays images on the station's surveillance screen and the holding cell is complete with a secret escape hatch. And Clawhauser's desk even has a secret stash of donuts. I want this toy!

Moving on to something a little more huggable, a few Zootopia plushes will be hitting toy shelves soon thanks to TOMY Toys. Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Officer Clawhauser and Flash are now available as 12" plushes with Bogo and Lionheart on their way in the Fall.

8" small plushes are also available for Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Mr. Otterton, Finnick, Mr. Big and Bellweather. In the fall, Clawhauser and Flash will also become available in this size. These versions are a little more stylized, a little more kawaii.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are also available as 12" talking plushes.

Kids who love pretend play will be very interested in Judy's recorder carrot, which really records and plays back audio, and her badge.

Zootopia- Judy's Carrot Recorder and Badge

One character that is noticeably absent from both the posable figure and plush lines is Gazelle, the pop star voiced by Shakira. This Fall, TOMY will release a 15" plush version of the character that can sing the hit song "Try Everything" and my fingers are crossed that she is one of the four figures still to be announced.

Zootopia- Singing Gazelle Plush

Miles from Tomorrowland

Season 2 of Disney Jr.'s Miles from Tomorrowland begins this June and TOMY is ready to inspire kid's imaginations with a new line of toys set to launch this Fall. The ultimate new toy is the Mission Rover, which opens up into a Space Lab that plays sounds and features swinging arms to pick things up.

Four new vehicles are also on the horizon, each of which can connect to the Galectech Stellosphere which features three ships in one. The other new vehicles are Rapscallion, Photon Flyer and Gadfly's Scourge, all of which can connect to the Stepllosphere to add lights, sounds and extra parts.

Those looking for even more interactive play will love Galactech Maximum Miles and Maximum Merc. Maximum Miles is 10" tall and features 10 phrases, plus the ability to interact with the gadgets that he comes with. Maximum Merc is 8" tall and has 8 phrases. The two toys connect together when you put Maxiumum Miles on Merc's back. Each will retail for $19.99.

And for kids who love to role play, they can use the Galectech Exo-Flex Armor to pickup the action figures from this collection and can shoot heat ray darts at their enemies.

MFT - Exo-Flex Arm

As for the action figures, they'll be getting upgrades as well with Galactech gear that glows when they interact with the aforementioned Stellosphere.