Spring begins on March 20th and Disney Tsum Tsum is celebrating with six new in-game Tsum Tsums plus one of the largest plush releases of any previous month. In this week's Tsum Tsum Life, we will recap all of it! Take a deep breath... Ready??? GO!!!

Zootopia Tsum Tsums

While the full collection of Zootopia Tsum Tsum plushes came out in February, the Tsum Tsum game caught up on March 1st with three characters from the film. Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps and Finnick are now ready for action.


Slick Nick Wilde appears on screen to sell pawpsicles to lemmings when his special skill is activated. The visuals are extremely cute and it's actually a semi-useful move, clearing Tsum Tsums at random from the screen.


Officer Judy Hopps is reporting for meter maid duty. Activating her power adds a red car to the center of the screen with an expired meter. She hops across and you tap repeatedly in the center to pop a bigger circumference of Tsum Tsums by the time she reaches the other side. Her skill is pretty weak and no matter how fast you tap, the payoff isn't worth the risk of carpal tunnel.


The best of the three Zootopia Tsum Tsums is definitely Finnick, who appears in his elephant costume with a jumbo pop. He smacks it across the screen to clear a vertical line of Tsum Tsums. It's a powerful blow and I find it hard to score less than 1,000,000 points using him.


There is also a daily login bonus through March 31st that is Zootopia themed. Be sure to log in every day to get all of the gifts!



Easter has arrived in Disney Tsum Tsum in a big way! Firstly, theres new Easter versions of Pooh and Tigger, both dressed as bunnies. They are only available this month, so be sure to get them before they're gone. Also, is it just me or is Tigger dressed up as Rabbit?


Speaking of Rabbit, he also makes his Tsum Tsum debut this month, but is only available by completing the three Easter Egg Hunt card missions. The Easter Egg Hunt is similar to Bingo, but rather than following a grid where you can select any mission, you have to go in order of the bunny trail. Thankfully, none of the missions are as hard as the Bingo cards. The last stop on each card requires you to play regular games, during which eggs appear that must be cracked. Inside the eggs are a mix of character eggs, coins and skill tickets. By the time you complete all three cards, you will have found all of the character eggs.

Bunny Pooh places an empty honey pot into the screen when his power is activated. It works like a bubble where you pop it, but avoid touching it right away. If you pop Tsum Tsums, they become honey in the pot and if you wait until it's full, it has a much greater effect. If you fill it fast and pop many of them, you can get a pretty good score.


Bunny Tigger is easier to use. He simply bounces across the screen, clearing all Tsum Tsum in his path. It's super effective.


However, of the four new bunnies in the game, Rabbit takes the (carrot) cake. When you get him to skill level 3, he produces three rows of carrots. You can pop them all individually, or swipe across to clear all surrounding Tsum Tsum. Since this does not stop time, I recommend swiping from top down to clear almost the entire screen in under two seconds.


Tsum Tsum Plush News

I recently received my latest Disney Store order, which featured the full Tangled collection, the Disney Parks Pirates of the Caribbean collection, New York City Mickey and Minnie Mouse, plus the Easter basket of Tsum Tsums. I show them all off in the latest Tsum Tsum Life video and also answer the question that's been burning inside of me for years: What does the inside of a Tsum Tsum look like?

This week saw the second Tsum Tsum Tuesday of March, which expanded Marvel's Tsum Tsum Universe with more characters from Spider-Man. Venom, Lizard, Green Goblin and Rhino are the cutest villains ever, while Miles Morales has joined Spidey's team to help defeat them.


The first Tsum Tsum Tuesday of April was revealed to offer more characters from Star Wars. This set specifically focuses on Episode I: The Phantom Menace. You know, everyone's favorite Star Wars film... As much as I dislike Jar Jar Binks, he is pretty cute as a Tsum Tsum. And I'm most excited for Queen Amidala and Darth Maul.