The new projection mapping castle show at the Magic Kingdom, Once Upon a Time, debuted as the sky's opened up and brought a little of that liquid sunshine Florida is famous for.

Once Upon a Time replaces the four-year-old Celebrate the Magic, but unlike its predecessor, the new show has been scheduled to follow the fireworks instead of leading into Wishes. 

Here is the official description of the new show:

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the timeless animated classic, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the new projection show is narrated by Mrs. Potts who shares “once upon a time” bedtime stories with Chip.

Projected scenes let guests relive some of their favorite Disney moments. They’ll fly with Peter Pan above the rooftops of London to Never Land, grow to a towering size with Alice in Wonderland and float along with Winnie the Pooh as he rises to the top of the Castle while hanging from a colorful balloon. These are just some of the enchanting tales that come to life in “Once Upon a Time.”

The awe-inspiring show culminates with classic scenes from Beauty and the Beast – the Beast waltzing with his beloved Belle, his duel with Gaston, and finally his transformation back to the Prince. As Mrs. Potts and Chip conclude their bedtime story, the show moves to its grand finale including appearances by characters from some of Disney’s most beloved animated tales. Fireworks bursting above the Castle add to the magic.

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