Having grown-up on the original version of Ducktales, I decided to tune in to Disney XDs premiere of the new 2017 reboot and found myself becoming a weekly viewer. Currently airing on Disney XD and available through the Disney Now streaming service, fans who want to take their Ducktales offline can now do so with the series’ first DVD release, Ducktales: Woo-oo!

This release advertises a 44-minute runtime, short for a typical release, and only features the premiere double-length episode event, Woo-oo!, and a few shorts for bonus features. That makes this inexpensive release a great gift idea for anyone looking to get into the new series. While additional episodes would have been much appreciated to fill out the disc space, those who want to own a piece of the show on disc are left with no other options.

The animation style of the new series is like a cross between the new Mickey Mouse shorts series and the original Carl Barks comics, with many of the backgrounds borrowing Barks’ color schemes and comic textures. In addition to an appealing style that is both modern and classic, the series also pays homage to the one that came before it, with plenty of Easter eggs in Woo-oo! to keep diehard fans paying close attention.

The biggest and most immediately noticeable change from the original series is Huey, Duey, and Louie, who no longer talk like mini-Donald. They are also given more distinctive personalities and styles, each dressing differently. Webby has also received a makeover, now a book smart McDuck historian who becomes an essential part of the team.

Scrooge and Launchpad are more or less the same as they were before. The biggest change to their dynamic is that Donald Duck sticks around this time, joining for the majority of the adventures beyond this special. Mrs. Beakley serves as both a housekeeper and a bodyguard, and Duckworth, the butler, apparently doesn’t exist in this universe.

The special begins when Donald is deployed and leaves Huey, Duey, and Louie with their Great Uncle Scrooge. When Webigail shows them the attic where all of Scrooge’s treasures are stored, the unintentionally rekindle McDuck’s thirst for adventure and start what is to become the first of many.

Bonus Features

Welcome to Duckburg Shorts

  • Meet Donald (1:02)
  • Meet Scrooge (0:32)
  • Meet Huey (0:32)
  • Meet Webby (0:32)
  • Meet Launchpad (0:47)
  • Meet Mrs. Beakley (0:32)

Packaging & Design

Ducktales: Woo-oo! arrives on DVD in a standard black DVD case without a slipcover. Inserts include a code for 75 points from Disney Movie Rewards and a flier for Disney Movie Club.

This disc uses Disney’s FastPlay service, allowing the feature and bonus features to play without a visit to the menu. If you let it run its course, you get a trailer for Disneynature Dolphins before the episode and shorts. After the episodes, there are additional ads for Disney Movie Rewards and Disney Now.

Final Thoughts

The 2017 version of Ducktales is a great series, celebrating both the Uncle Scrooge comics source material and 1980’s animated series while being its own, original series. The first DVD release, Ducktales: Woo-oo!, gives fans the premiere and a few shorts. While it may be short on content, it’s still a worthwhile release and I hope the first of many.