The Friends of the Mouse will welcome Disney Legend Bill Farmer to celebrate 25 "Goofy" years on Saturday, February 25. 

Disney fans have known Bill as the voice of the lovable Goofy, along with a host of other characters. His talent can be heard in feature films (The Goofy Movie, Cars, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast), on television (House of Mouse, Goof Troop, Raw Toonage) and in video games (Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, Everquest 2). Disney's DTV Doggone Valentine television special in 1987 was the first time he voiced Goofy and barked for Pluto in the same project.

The meeting will be held at the Garden Grove Historical Society, 12174 Euclid in Garden Grove. The meeting starts at 12:30, with a social hour starting at 11:30. Memberships will be taken at the business meeting to follow.