UPDATE 3: For complete info on the new ticket pricing at Disneyland and Walt Disney World including calendars of Value, Regular, and Peak, see our guide here.

UPDATE 2: There will be no changes to Annual Passes at this time. There was most recently a reorganization and price increase for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Annual Passes last October.

UPDATE: We are learning more about how the new seasonal pricing will work. According to The Los Angeles Times, Disneyland pricing will be broken into three categories: value, regular, and peak. As of today, a one-day, one park ticket to Disneyland costs $99. Beginning tomorrow, a "value" day ticket will be $95, a "regular" day ticket will be $105, and a "peak" day ticket will be $119.

Meanwhile, The Orlando Sentinel reports that Walt Disney World value days will start at their current prices: $105 for Magic Kingdom and $97 for the other three parks. Regular pricing for WDW will be $110 for Magic Kingdom and $102 for the others. Finally, peak times — like spring break season beginning on March 11 — will see one-day tickets to Magic Kingdom going for $124 while other WDW parks will cost $114.

The Times says Disney estimates that for Disneyland 30% of the days will be designated as "value", with 44% being "regular" and 26% being "peak." The Sentinel says 29% of days will be "peak" for Walt Disney World  Additionally Disney says that a calendar that let’s guests look at prices eight to 11 months in advance will be available.


Sources at Disney are confirming to us that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland one-day admission tickets will be transitioning to a seasonal pricing scheme. This change is scheduled to take place on Sunday along with some other ticket pricing changes.


The new structure will mean that a one-day park ticket to visit during designated off-peak days will be cheaper than a ticket to visit during holidays or other busy times. Disney recently unveiled a somewhat similar pricing method when it announced on-sale dates for Shanghai Disneyland.

This story is developing and we will update when more information and details become available.