Today a mysterious site billed as the Ghost Relations Department materialized offering Ghost Post package subscriptions. Each package is said to contain "unique – possibly haunted – artifacts, each one a key to unlocking secret and special powers. And each box unfolds a chapter in a new Haunted Mansion adventure." The $199 subscription will last three months and will be limited to 999 foolish mortals (that also happen to be U.S. residents). Be warned that, for the story to truly come alive, you will need to procure an iPhone.img_ghost_postFrom the site:

If you are brave or foolish enough to help the spirits, then subscribe to the Ghost Post. Beginning at the end of March 2016, the Ghost Relations Department will send you three “scare packages.” You will receive one box per month, for three months.

Each box is a chapter in an unfolding story that connects you directly to the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. In the boxes, each item will have certain hidden qualities and secrets for you to discover, and each one will become a prop in your experience – revealing a little bit more of the story.

If you read the fine print, you'll discover that WDI R&D is behind this storytelling experience. You may recall that this same division was responsible for the mystery adventure The Optimist which used as viral marketing for Disney's Tomorrowland. 

The terms of the game also reference "Gameplay Locations" which may require a separate admission fee. This may mean that the Disney Parks themselves could be involved in the game somehow despite the fact that not everyone who purchases the game may live by one of those locations.

Ghost Post subscription are currently available on Disney Store and, if ordered by March 24, will ship by March 30th.