When asked on their support forum why the recently released figures do not work on Disney Infinity for the AppleTV, it was revealed that Disney Interactive is abandoning the platform. The moderator responded to questions by saying, "The team is currently focusing on the traditional gaming platforms. We are always evaluating and making changes, but there are currently no plans for futher updates to the Apple TV version of the game. Please keep an eye out for further news about this, and feel free to contact Support if you have any questions."

Because newer figures require software updates to be playable, this means any figure released after April 1 will not work for those that purchased the AppleTV version of the game.

Disney announced the AppleTV edition last September as a launch partner for the newest version of Apple's set-top-box. The game was released in November. However, the AppleTV has struggled to be viewed as a popular device for gaming. Low use and monetization is probably the main reason for Disney abandoning the device.

(H/T Touch Arcade)