has news of Tsum Tsums coming to the Marvel Universe. Tsum Tsums - both an addictive mobile game and a cute little plush toy - will soon be getting a 4-part Marvel comic series.

The four-part series will kick off in August. Writer Jacob Chabot and artist David Baldeon will explore what happens when a crate of Tsum Tsums en route to The Collector falls to the Earth and is discovered by a group of Brooklyn teens. The series will see the Marvel Tsum Tsum heroes interact with actual heroes, but there’s a catch—the Tsum Tsums think they’re the real Marvel heroes and are ready to save the day. Before we get into more details about the project, please take a look at the cover for issue #1 by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson:


The story goes on to say:

To celebrate the arrival of Marvel’s Tsum Tsum in August, Marvel will be doing 20 Tsum Tsum Takeover variant covers across various titles. Are you prepared for that much cute? The covers are based on the theme of Tsum Tsums in the Marvel universe. Because we like you, the gallery below has an exclusive look at four of these variants. You’ll find covers for:

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #8 by Brian Kesinger
Deadpool #17 by Javier Rodriguez
Ms. Marvel #10 by Tradd Moore
Doctor Strange #11 by Ryan Stegman

Many more details to be found at the article.