This weekend, Disney's Animal Kingdom debuted The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic — a new nighttime show devised after the postponement of the park's Rivers of Light production. With Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book becoming a massive hit, it only made sense to create a show inspired by the breathtaking film. In fact, Favreau collaborated with Walt Disney World Resort on the epic, limited-engagement celebration, featuring live performers, music, water screens and vibrant costumes, inspired by Indian culture and, of course, his film. The filmmaker also stopped by the park this weekend to congratulate the cast of Alive with Magic.
(Chloe Rice, photographer)
Performed beneath the stars in the park’s new outdoor 5,000-seat Discovery River Theater, The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic, debuts as the park introduces additional nighttime entertainment including a post-sunset Kilimanjaro Safaris adventure and visually stunning Tree of Life “awakenings” with Discovery Island song-and-dance merriment.
The 25-minute show is awash in special effects that include fire, and massive water-screen projections. While some of the cast tell the story from water’s edge and inside the theater, multiple barges and boats become additional sets pulsating with dozens of performers, scenic backdrops and light and fire effects.
Although the show is intended to be a temporary offering, no closing date has been announced yet.