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Today, at the Re/Code Conference, Sheryl Sandberg denied that she had any interest in leaving Facebook to become the CEO of Disney. Her name has come up as a potential successor to Bob Iger following the departure of heir apparent Tom Staggs.

Here is the exchange between Sandberg and Re/Code founder Kara Swisher:

Kara Swisher: "There was a point raised that you could be CEO of Disney. Did you want to be CEO of Disney?"

Sheryl Sandberg: "I love my job. Mark and I gave our first ever public interview, on not this stage but on your stage, and Mark had a vision and a mission for what it is to connect the world. We had 70 million users. Today we have 1.65 billion. We have an incredible team — an incredibly close team, we're all really good friends, and the product has a way of changing us as well. So I get to work with my closest friends ... on something I really believe in."

Swisher: So you don't want another job?

Sandberg: I don't want another job.

Swisher: And you don't want to run for office?

Sandberg: I don't want to run for office. I don't want another job. I love Facebook.