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In a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger discussed his future, the future of Disney, and his relationships. You can read the full interview, but here are the highlights.

  • On Rouge One, "I've seen Rogue One. I've seen not only an edited picture but I've seen significantly more footage than was even in that picture. That's actually going to be a fine film."
  • There will be another Indiana Jones film following the upcoming fifth installment with Harrison Ford. They are discussing their future direction.
  • On responding to Bernie Sanders, "He doesn't just have a right to tee off on us without someone responding. And who best to respond in terms of making a point and getting attention than me? And that's what I did. And by the way, if he does it again, I'll do it again!"
  • He agreed that having tech workers train their replacement, while an industry standard, was the wrong thing to do.
  • He has not ruled out running for political office saying, "I'm interested in politics, I'm interested in giving back in some form, performing some sort of civic duty."
  • He admits that moving Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, to report to studios head Alan Horn instead of Marvel head Ike Perlmutter, rankled Ike.
  • He says his relationship with Ike is good and that Ike sometimes call Bob at 7 in the morning. Bob responds to this by saying "Ike, I've just pushed the button on the coffee maker and I haven't had my first cup yet, so I need 10 minutes."