If you've ever been to Walt Disney World (and, if you're  this site, there's a good chance you have), you're more than likely familiar with Interstate 4. The highway runs from Daytona to Tampa, passing right through the attractions of Orlando. Now, partially thanks to the massive number of tourist that take the freeway every day, I-4 has been ranked as the most dangerous highway in the nation.


According to Fox 35, the title is the result of a study that assessed data showing that I-4 has more fatalities per mile (averaging 1.41 over the past six years) than another other freeway in the U.S. Admittedly, at only 132 miles long, I-4 is at a statistical disadvantage considering that longer interstates stretch the entire country, passing through several lightly populated areas.

For the record, the runners up on the list were Interstate 45 in Texas and Interstate 17 in Arizona.