Today Marvel introduced a new style of storytelling they're calling video comics that will combine comic-style graphic paneling with dialogue, sound, video editing, digital motion effects, and light animation. The first four of these segments are now on Disney XD's YouTube channel, including “Spider-Man & Iron Man In…Training Day – Parts 1-3” and “Black Panther In…The Visitor":


In “Training Day,” super powers don’t come with a training manual! After Spider-Man (Cole Howard) stops some crooks from robbing a Stark Enterprises facility, Iron Man decides to pay him back with a little help from FRIDAY (Tabitha St Germain) and some on-the-job training. Iron Man's plan goes awry when D-List villain, Batroc the Leaper (Marc Oliver), reveals some major upgrades that push him to the A-List. Both Spider-Man and Iron Man (Brian Drummond) are going to have to learn some new tricks if they’re going to be able to best Batroc 2.0. Watch a clip from "Training Day" above!

In “The Visitor,” Black Panther (Omari Newton) gets a visit from envoy Everett K. Ross (Brian Drummond) to discuss security for a possible international summit in Wakanda. The visit is interrupted when Super Villain Ghost (Marc Oliver) appears to steal Wakandan treasure. Black Panther and his loyal Dora Milaje (Evans Johnson) have to both stop Ghost and show Ross why Wakanda has never been conquered or invaded.