ABC News' Clayton Sandell is reporting that in an interview with the Rebel Force Radio podcast, Carrie Fisher expressed the desire to have Harrison Ford sing at her Oscar "In Memorium" tribute.

As expressed in the 2010 interview Fisher saw Ford at an Oscar party and asked him to sing. "...I asked him if he would be in my death reel and if he would sing," Fisher said. "It is just something that I want," she continued.

Fisher says she was motivated to make the request after seeing the stars paying tribute to writer/director John Hughes on the Oscar broadcast.

What song would Ford sing? According to Fisher "Melancholy Wookie." When pressed on if she has ever actually heard Ford sing, Fisher said, "No, and I don't think we are missing much."

Rebel Force Radio hosts Jimmy McInerney and Jason Swank are trying to create a movement so that Fisher's wishes can be realized. Fisher also expressed her desire that her obituary read that she "drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra." This is a reference to George Lucas telling Fisher that there are no bras in space for safety reasons.

ABC News asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences if there were any plans to make this dream a reality. The Academy responded that "as far as we know" Fisher will "most likely" be included in the In Memoriam segment, but at this time there are no plans for a separate tribute.

In a year when few popular films have been nominated for Oscars, Ford singing could give the show some blockbuster content.

The Oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, air February 26 on ABC.