At today's Star Wars and Disney Parks: A Galaxy in the Making panel of Star Wars Celebration Orlando, new concept art and a behind-the-scenes video of the upcoming Star Wars Lands were revealed. The new lands are scheduled to open at Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2019.

Among the points that they made during the panel was that it isn't a recreation of existing Star Wars stories, but is telling new tales that feel Star Wars. They also said this is not a passive experience and the choices matter. Will you support the First Order or the Resistance? Will you take a job from a bounty hunter? In some ways, they hinted that the Legends of Fronteirland playtest that was done a few years ago, was a prototype as your choices throughout the land will impact your experience.

The location is a nearly forgotten spaceport planet in the Outer Rim. There will be bounty hunters, members of the First Order, the Resistence, and many, many droids.

They confirmed they have developed a realistic lightsaber technology. You can read about their patent filing here.

Last but not least, they said they should have more information  regarding the stories and the characters of the land at the D23 Expo in July. They did share a video of a recent stunt workshop which was held as part of the lands' development.

First here is the video that showed the work that is happening to bring these lands to life.Here is some of the concept art that was shown.

It was also announced that the planet of Crait from The Last Jedi will be coming to Star Tours later this year.