This morning during ABC's Good Morning America, Disney shared a first look at Olaf's Frozen Adventure. The new holiday-themed short will play in theatres ahead of Pixar's Coco when it opens November 22nd.

As John Lasseter tells EW, the 21-minute film was originally intended to be an ABC special. However, he and the team decided it was too cinematic to not be seen on the big screen and felt it was a good thematic match for Coco. As he notes, "When we put shorts in front of features, I always love to have shorts that contrast, that aren’t about the same subject or setting or environment, but with this, both stories are incredibly emotional and so much about family that they really fit. And both celebrate two completely different holidays, so I think that was also fun to put them together.”

While "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" is being billed as the "next chapter in the Frozen story," surely fans are really waiting for the full-length sequel. Luckily for them, Frozen 2 will arrive in theatres November 27th, 2019.