It appears Herbie, the Love Bug, could be coming back into the spotlight. TVLine is reporting that a potential Herbie series is under development for Disney XD.

A new take on Herbie would fit in with Disney XD's nostalgia strategy which is led with the new DuckTales series.

Herbie previously appeared in 5 movies, one tele-film, and a short lived series on CBS. His last major appearance was 2005's Herbie: Fully Loaded with Lindsey Lohan.

Travis Braun (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) will reportedly write the potential series, and he will executive-produce with Tom Burkhard and Matt Dearborn (Zeke and LutherEven Stevens).

The series will also star Herbie's friend while it is undetermined if it will be a boy or a girl at this point. The part ofLili/Landon is described as “part scientist, part entrepreneur, part daredevil” and realizes, when her/his parents go missing, that they’ve secretly been working on a government project: a talking car named Herbie. Herbie is key to helping the kid reunite with her/his parents, but a gang of criminals also wants to get its paws on the state-of-the-art vehicle.