Financial analyst Rich Greenfield says the Disney's Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has blocked him on Twitter. Greenfield is a Media & Technology for equity research firm BGIT, who advised shareholders to share their Disney shares in December 2015. He believes the price target for Disney stock is $90 while it is currently trading at just over $101.

It is unknown what recent event had caused the Disney CEO to block Greenfield as Iger joined Twitter in January of this year. One possible explanation is a post from last Friday by Greenfield entitled "Why Was Disney’s Bob Iger Lulled Into Complacency By Reed Hastings?" In the post Greenfield questions Disney's relationship with Netflix and their launching of two direct-to-consumer services.

In the article, Greenfield poses five questions to Mr. Iger:

  • What took Iger so long to come to this conclusion?
  • What provoked this decision, as nothing said in recent quarters made it seem like this was imminent?  Was there a trigger?
  • If he really believes in the importance of direct-to-consumer, why would Disney potentially continue to license Marvel and Lucasfilm content to Netflix?
  • Why has Disney continued to license new movie and television content to Netflix overseas if its long-term ambitions are to build a global direct-to-consumer service?
  • Curious how he believes the MVPDs will react to Disney putting some of its best content on a direct-to-consumer Disney branded streaming service.

Since Bob Iger's tweets are not protected, anyone can view them if they are not logged in. By blocking Greenfield, he is not preventing the analyst from seeing his tweets, but they just won't appear in the timeline. It is still puzzling as to why Bob Iger would bother to block anyone as it is a rather meaningless action.