Following Saturday's runDisney Disneyland 10k, a runner was confronted by police officers and security who were investigating a possible bib theft that had occurred for the prior day's 5k. According to the site, suspicions were raised after a particpant reported that their race bib had been picked up by someone else who forged her signature on a waiver and pick-up sheet. Later, a woman wearing the bib number in question was photographed running the Disneyland 5k. The woman — who has not been identified and has yet to be charged with a crime — was then located after Saturday's race, although it appears the bib she wore for that day's race was obtained legitimately. Marathon Investigation also suggests the woman was also suspected of stealing a bib for May's Tinkerbell 10k at the Disneyland Resort.

San Diego's ABC 10 News reports that investigations into the allegations of bib theft are on going. However, the woman was cited on Saturday for improper use of a handicap placard.