This fall, Star Tours — The Adventures Continue will be updated to include a scene inspired by the upcoming film The Last Jedi. Beginning November 17th, guests at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios will be able to experience this "epic battle" which takes place on the planet of Crait. Additionally, the new adventure will come to Disneyland Paris on November 22nd followed by Tokyo Disneyland on December 15th according to the Disney Parks Blog.

While not explicitly stated in the Parks Blog's post, it stands to reason that this new scene will be included in every ride for a limited time before joining the randomized locations featured in the attraction. This has precedent as the scenes added for The Force Awakens went through a similar cycle, but hopefully we'll have confirmation closer to the sequence's debut. Meanwhile, The Last Jedi opens in theatres December 15th.

UPDATE: We have just confirmed with Disney that the new scene from The Last Jedi will be on all Star Tours adventures when it launches. It is unknown how long this will last before it returns to completely random operation.