A new lawsuit filed by a former bartender at STK's Disney Springs location accuses the restaurant of discrimination. As the Orlando Sentinel explains, Serkan Sorkon claims he was fired in January after a Yelp review said the Turkish bartender made expressed many anti-American sentiments. The reviewer wrote, "Anyway, he started bad mouthing the US, in ways I don’t care to explain. Went on a rant for over 30 minutes. Made us all very uncomfortable. I don’t know if I should call the FBI or what? Definitely not the normal Disney bartender.”

Sorkon not only denies making such comments but says other employees who have been named in Yelp reviews have gone unpunished, leading him to believe he was targeted because of his race. Furthermore, he says other employees spoke ill of the country — namely in regards to the election of President Trump — and were not reprimanded for doing so. STK, which has a number of locations beyond the Disney Springs venue, declined the Sentinel's request for comment.