Chronicle Books has a wide slate of Star Wars and animation books that will make great gifts for this holiday season. Check out some of the titles below:

Star Wars Super Graphic: Explore Star Wars through dazzling charts, graphs, diagrams and other infographics that span the films, TV shows, comics and novels. $19.95

Star Wars Kirigami: Create 15 impressive, detailed ships from each of the Star Wars films using just an X-acto knife, cutting mat and your imagination. A fun DIY project! $27.50

Darth Vader and Family Coloring Book: From the 4-time New York Times bestselling series, a coloring book of artwork from Jeffrey Brown’s vision of Darth Vader as a parent to twins Luke  and Leia. $14.95

99 Stormtroopers Join the Empire: Ninety-nine Stormtroopers join the Empire, and then their troubles begin. A unique, amusing book filled with clever nods to Star Wars fandom, it’s a perfect gift for Star Wars fans with a sense of humor $14.95

The Art of Coco: Featuring insights from the production team and production art that leaps off the page this lush art book delves deeply into the creative process behind Pixar’s engaging and vibrant new vision. Film opens Nov. 22. $40

The Color of Pixar: A delight for the eyes! This coffee table book collects finished frames from Pixar’s films arranged by color to form a rainbow of movie memories. Visually stunning. $29.95

They Drew as They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney's Late Golden Age, Vol 2: Examine hidden Disney history through the stories of the Character Model Department, which focused solely on the details of character development. Brimming with previously unknown stories and artwork, this book is an essential entry into the story of Disney Animation. $45