A 24-year-old bearing resemblance to the demigod Maui in Disney's Moana has had his Disneyland Annual Pass revoked after allegedly swindling fans. According to ABC 7, Kyle Paala first drew attention online after a YouTube channel featured photos of him. After that, Paala began receiving offers to appear at children's birthday parties. However, Paala was apparently a no-show for some of these events, telling Monica Soriano he would be unable to attend her daughter's party due to his aunt's illness. Soriano later saw pictures of Paala at Disneyland the same day. Others accuse Paala of taking money for discounted park tickets or access to Club 33 and not making good on his promises.

During an interview on the podcast Radio Underland, Paala admitted to his wrongdoing, saying that he likely owes money to 30 to 40 people and saying he's ready to turn over a new leaf. In addition to revoking his Annual Pass, Disney has also reportedly rescinded an offer to employ him.