Funko's Disney Treasure's subscription box celebrates its sixth release with a visit to Ever After Castle, just in time for Valentine's Day. The fold-out map that came with the previous five crates is missing this time around. The underside of the main box does feature the map artwork, but the exclusion of the map is troubling for two reasons. The first is that it provided a great overview of all of the items along with concept art and bits of Disney Trivia. The other is that the map always gave a hint as to where the next crate would be heading, leaving us to guess if the series is even going to continue. More on that at the end...

The sixth patch in the series features Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, the most suave and romantic candelabra in the Disney zeitgeist. The pin features Donald and Daisy Duck, one of the most tempestuous couples in Mickey's magical world.

The first Pocket POP! Keychains in the Disney Treasures series is themed to Lady and the Tramp. These keychains are adorable and a perfect way for couples to remain connected when they're apart. Every time you use your keys, you'll think of your loved one and the other half to your piece.

The Mystery Mini is none other than Mickey's sweetheart, Minnie Mouse (Yoo Hoo!). This throwback piece features her pie-eyed self with her original daisy hat instead of her iconic bow. However, her dress is more inspired by her post-Walt look in a red polka dot dress originally created for her Disneyland meet and greet in the 1970's. Little known fact that could have been on the map: Minnie's polka dots were only ever used in promotional artwork and merchandise. Dots would have been too time consuming to animated and never appeared in her original shorts.

The biggest piece from Ever After Castle is a POP! 2 Pack featuring Ariel and Prince Eric in their wedding outfits from the end of The Little Mermaid. Being one of my favorite Disney films of all time, I was enchanted by this piece, my second favorite in the entire Disney Treasures subscription (My all time favorite was the stunning Maleficent Dragon from the Haunted Forestbox). Trivia that could have been on the map: The final shots of The Little Mermaid in which King Triton paints a rainbow above Ariel and Eric's wedding was a test of the CAPS animated system that eliminated traditional inking on all subsequent animated features.

Funko did a fantastic job with the Ever After Castle theme and this box would make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day...

... If the official website didn't say that "Adventures is Temporarily Unavailable." On a related note, this particular crate says it is Sold Out. Historically, Funko has produced more crates than there are subscribers to be able to sell them to those interested in just that theme. This does not appear to be the case with Ever After Castle. The website's messaging doesn't feel very temporary.Since this may be goodbye, I figured it would be fitting to take a look back at the collection so far. First, the patches originally claimed they would make an entire image. Using the map from the Snowflake Mountain crate, it is unclear if there is meant to be a bigger circular patch that goes in the center to complete the set. To me, it looks like their should be. Perhaps that will be the bonus gift for 12-month subscribers, which should arrive separately in the near future, although Marvel and Star Wars crates typically send a gold statue figure as the annual subscriber bonus gift.For all you pin collectors out there, here are the six pins that came with the six crates. Anyone wanna trade?

And here's one last look at every piece in the entire year's subscription. I had fun collecting the Funko Disney Treasures collection and hope to see it continue. I'll be at Toy Fair in a few weeks and hope to discover more about the future of Disney Treasures when I'm there.

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