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Book Review – Pixar: A Pop-Up Celebration

Pixar: A Pop-Up Celebration is a deluxe and intricate pop-up book by Matthew Reinhart celebrating every Pixar film from Toy Story to Coco for adults.

Book Review: The Ambrose Deception

"The Ambrose Deception" by Emily Ecton pits three kids against each other in a Chicago scavenger hunt worth a $10,000 scholarship.

Children’s Book Review: The Perfect Pillow by Eric Pinder

"The Perfect Pillow" is a children's book by Eric Pinder about a young boy learning to sleep on his own with the help of his stuffed dragon.

Book Review – Heartwood Hotel: Better Together (book 3)

Heartwood Hotel: Better Together is the third book in the series by Kallie George and reconnects readers with Mona the mouse on a springtime adventure.

Book Review — “Welcome Little One: A Keepsake Baby Book”

Whether you have kids or know kids, the one sure thing about them is that they seem to grow up too fast! And with...

Book Review: “This is Not a Love Letter” by Kim Purcell

"The is Not a Love Letter" by Kim Purcell is a touching teen fiction novel about the ripple effects of losing someone you love to suicide.

Children’s Book Review: Groundhug Day

Groundhug Day is a children's book by the author of Vampirina, Anne Marie Pace, that combines the fun of Valentine's Day with Groundhog Day.

Children’s Book Review – Star Wars: Chewie and the Porgs

"Star Wars: Chewie and the Porgs" is an adorable children's book about how Chewbacca became friends with porgs despite their obvious differences.

Book Review: “Eat Like Walt” by Marcy Carriker Smothers

Eat Like Walt by Marcy Carriker Smothers traces the history of Disneyland's food offerings and how Walt Disney's tastes influenced the park's menus.

Book Review: Heartwood Hotel (books 1 and 2)

"Heartwood Hotel" is a chapter book series for kids about a charming deluxe resort for animals and a small mouse named Mona who discovers a new home there.

Review: Faith and the Magic Kingdom – Lessons From Disneyland For...

If you’re a Disney fan looking for a unique way to reinvigorate your Christian walk, Randy Crane’s Faith and the Magic Kingdom successfully uses the...

“Sara Earns Her Ears” Book Review

Kyle reviews the new Theme Park Press release "Sara Earns Her Ears" by Sara Lopes.

Book Review: Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination

Erin reviews a Walt Disney biography geared towards a younger audience, Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination.

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