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Worn Out Woody Doll Gets Place of Honor at Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios houses a beat up Woody doll that was given to a Cast Member at Disney World so it could spend "Infinity and Beyond" with Buzz.

Rivers of Light Show Review: How This New Production Fits into...

"Rivers of Light is an all-new nighttime show at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Rich in symbolism and storytelling, the elaborate...

Best Pizza in Disney World, Disneyland and Other Disney Destinations

Be it served in a fun new way or a more classic version, here’s a guide to find the best pizza in Disney World, Disneyland.

“I’m Going to Disney World,” But That’s Not Enough!

We know the commercial that has become part of the lexicon. Every Super Bowl (and for a short time, American Idol winners. lololololol.), we...

Why The American Idol Experience Deserved Better

This week, the series finale of American Idol airs on Fox and I have conflicted feelings. I grew up with the show. When I...

The Backbone of ESPN WWOS: Cheerleading?!

Marshal shares his thoughts on a mainstay of the ESPN Wide World of Sports, Cheerleading

An Ode to Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Marshal celebrates Ellen's Energy Adventure's anniversary with a description of why it is his favorite attraction of all-time. Also, he'd like to announce that in case of emergency, please put "Stupid Judy" on his tombstone.

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