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2018 Academy Awards: Disney Earns 10 Nominations

As has become tradition, the nominees for this year's Academy Awards were announced bright and early this morning (at least early for Los Angeles)....

Disney Posts Lou Online for Unity Day

In support of Unity Day and National Bullying Prevention Month, Disney and Pixar are making the heartwarming short film about acceptance and inclusion from...

The Invisible Character Behind Pixar’s ‘LOU’

Go behind the scenes of Pixar's 'LOU' to learn about how the invisible character was created and his long journey to the big screen.

Short Review: Pixar’s LOU

Pixar's newest short film, LOU, is a charming story about a Lost and Found bin on a school playground who helps a bully learn how to play nice.

Lou, Pixar’s Latest Short, Brings Toys Back to the Forefront

USA Today has a sneak peak of Lou, the new Pixar short that will be attached to Cars 3. According to the report, the short is directed...

Pixar Announces Next Short; Lou

Pixar has taken to Twitter to announce their next short; "Lou." https://twitter.com/DisneyPixar/status/781238736076042240 The short will be directed by Dave Mullins, who has worked at Pixar since...

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