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ABC 2017-2018 Season: Quick Thoughts

Well, another year, another ABC Upfront presentation. The annual parading out of new TV trailers and star power recently finished and I'm excited and disappointed...

ABC Review: “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”

ABC's Sunday Fun & Games line-up was the runaway hit for network TV last summer. The block of classic gameshows was a huge success...

TV Review: ABC’s “The Toy Box”

ABC is on a roll with unscripted content lately, with some big critical and ratings winners for the network. Their Sunday Fun & Games...

Review: Does Freeform’s “Cheer Squad” Have Spirit?

As we all know, because I don't shut up about it, I love cheerleading. Like, a lot. I'm obsessed with everything about the sport....

#DWTS20 Finale Recap!

Marshal shares some final thoughts on the final episode of this season's Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS20 The Best of the Best!

Marshal recaps the season finale of Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS20 Marshal. Is. Heartbroken.

Marshal shares his weekly recap of Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS20 Spring Break Night Recap!

Marshal recaps Spring Break Night on Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS20 Disney Night Recap!

Marshal recaps Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS20 #MyJamMonday Recap!

Marshal recaps #MyJamMonday on Dancing with the Stars.

#DWTS20 Premiere Recap!

Marshal recaps the opening night of Dancing with the Stars

DWTS Recap: Finale-Night 2!

Marshal breaks down the final episode of Season 19 of our favorite ballroom dancing competition show. He sees his name in lights, bows down to his rulers, and asks producers to send him to the ballroom next season.

DWTS Recap: Finals-Night 1!

Marshal recaps night 1 of the 2-night season finale of DWTS, that included judges' choice and freestyle dances from the duos. Carrie Ann wore a tight ponytail. That's not really a reason for you to read the article, I just wanted to share.

DWTS Recap: Semi-Finals!

Marshal unplugged, then plugged back into the ballroom for Semi Finals week on Season 19 of DWTS. Julianne has a break through, Carrie Ann hates the lifts, and Len is Len.

DWTS Recap: America’s Choice/Trio Night!

Marshal questions the idea for America's Choice, but dissects this week's Dancing with the Stars episode anyway, but skips a flight on Chong Airlines.

DWTS Recap: Dynamic Duos!

Marshal teams up with Kacey Musgraves (in his dreams) to recap dynamic duos week in the ballroom. Romeo & Juliet, Tarzan & Jane and Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI. Only 2 of those are real.

DWTS Recap: Halloween Night!

Marshal creeps his way through another week in the ballroom, that brings us the return of Len, but a lack of Ten.

DWTS Recap: Pitbull Week! (ugh)

Marshal, unfortunately, gives you his thoughts on "The Night Pitbull Ruined" and how amazing Leah Remini was as guest host! (watch yo' back, Erin Andrews!)

DWTS Recap: Switch-Up!

Marshal breaks down yet another DWTS episode, and with the switch-up, comes a decline in quality and scores. Wahoo!

DWTS Recap: Most Memorable Year!

Marshal wipes away the tears and breaks down yet another week in the ballroom. Mix-ups, shake-ups, and screw-ups were all prevalent in the ballroom...along with the Carlton.

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