Tag: Star Wars Celebration 2017

Star Wars Rebels: The Beginning of the End

During a panel at Star Wars Celebration 2017, Dave Filoni revealed that the series will end with season four. Get the full scoop in our event coverage.

Star Wars Battlefront II will connect Episodes VI and VII

Battlefront II by EA Games was one of the highlights of Star Wars Celebration 2017, with an awesome story and some really cool worlds to play in.

9 Incredible Facts Learned at Star Wars Celebration 2017

Relive some of the most incredible facts learned at Star Wars Celebration 2017, including George Lucas' dog Indiana, who inspired Chewbacca.

Starlight Foundation: Changing Lives Through the Magic of Star Wars

The Starlight Foundation is changing the lives of sick kids in hospitals and Star Wars fans can help through direct donations or through Force for Change.

The 7 Most Surprising Moments of Star Wars Celebration 2017

We countdown the 7 biggest surprises of Star Wars Celebration, including George Lucas and Harrison Fords unexpected visits.

Event Review: Star Wars Galactic Nights

Star Wars: Galactic Nights is a special event at Walt Disney World that includes themed entertainment, celebrities, meet and greets and photo opportunities.

Celebration 2017: ’40 Years of Star Wars’ Event Recap

Relive the excitement of the 40 Years of Star Wars presentation from Star Wars Celebration 2017, including Harrison Ford and John Williams.

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