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2015 Disney Turkey of the Year

The LP staff chooses Disney's most embarrassing misstep out of five nominees to be the 2015 Disney Turkey of the Year.

Strange Magic Comes to Home Video May 19

George Lucas brings you the story of a music-filled fairy tale about finding love in the unlikeliest of places in Strange Magic on DVD,...

Strange Magic Disappoints at the Box Office

Lucasfilm's Strange Magic opened to a very disappointing box office of less than $6 million. According to BoxOfficeMojo.com George Lucas' Strange Magic opened to an...

“Strange Magic” Review

Alex reviews Strange Magic. Find out what he thinks about Disney's first Lucasfilm release.

Making of Strange Magic Featurette

Get a behind the scenes look at Strange Magic with George Lucas and the rest of the cast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0HD-OAmHw0&feature=youtu.be

From Shakespeare to the Stars – A Countdown of Disney’s Most...

Doobie counts up his most anticipated films coming from Disney (and Marvel, and Pixar and LucasFilm) in 2015. Do you agree?

George Lucas on Strange Magic

Rebecca reports on what George Lucas had to say about his upcoming film, Strange Magic.

“Strange Magic” Soundtrack Review

What do Elvis Presley, Burt Bacharach, Bob Marley, Kelly Clarkson, The Four Seasons, Four Tops and Electric Light Orchestra all have in common? Well...

Strange Magic Soundtrack Now Available

“Strange Magic,” a new animated film from Lucasfilm Ltd., is a fairy tale—but not your average fairy tale. It’s a madcap musical with a...

George Lucas Originally Planned on Directing Star Wars: Episode VII

In an interview with USA Today for his upcoming film Strange Magic, George Lucas shares that he originally planned on directing Star Wars: Episode VII before...

New TV Ad For Lucasfilm's Strange Magic

A new TV spot for Touchstone Picture's release of Lucasfilm's Strange Magic has been posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62oKzINwFZo Starring Evan Rachel Wood, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, Maya Rudolph, Sam...

Disney Releases Poster for "Strange Magic"

Disney has released the poster for the upcoming film Strange Magic.   “Strange Magic,” a new animated film from Lucasfilm Ltd., is a madcap fairy tale musical...

Lucasfilm's Strange Magic Trailer Now Available

The trailer for Strange Magic, coming to theaters January 23, is now available:

Disney to Release Lucasfilm's Strange Magic

“Strange Magic,” a new animated film from Lucasfilm Ltd., will be released by Touchstone Pictures on January 23, 2015.  “Strange Magic” is a madcap fairy...

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