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Walt Disney Pictures Launches Official Tangled Site

Visit the official website for Walt Disney Pictures' Tangled -- the story of an unlikely partnership between the bandit Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary...

Slashfilm: Disney's Tangled, an early review from unfinished cut

/film posts a positive email from reader who claims to have viewed Disney's upcoming animated feature "Tangled" (previously entitled "Rapunzel") The email contains some...

LATimes: Disney restyles 'Rapunzel' to appeal to boys

With 'The Princess and the Frog' coming up short at the box office, the studio retools its next animated feature to lose the girly...

CartoonBrew: Rapunzel Becomes Tangled?

CartoonBrew chimes in on reports Disney’s "Rapunzel" has been renamed "Tangled"

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