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The E-Ticket Life: Punk Rock Show

A few weeks ago, I was walking around downtown Springfield when I saw a poster that really caught my attention. On it was what...

The E-Ticket Life: The Next One

First, I should acknowledge that it's been a few weeks since my last blog entry. Why? Unfortunately, there's been a distinct lack of Disney...

The E-Ticket Life: Come Original

Yesterday was March 11th — or 3/11. Naturally, this led to this jam from my high school days being stuck in my head all...

The E-Ticket Life: Brace Yourself

There's a lot of anger in our country right now. I'm not just talking about the presidential election (please don't talk to me about...

The E-Ticket Life: Kansas City

This year, for my wife and me, Valentine's Day was really a continuation of Christmas. Our holiday gift from our friend Aaron Wallace had...

The E-Ticket Life: Decisions, Decisions

For Disneylanders who have never been to Walt Disney World, it can be hard to explain just how different the two really are. As Boromir...

The E-Ticket Life: DCA 1.0 for #DCA15

On Monday, Disney California Adventure will turn 15. As we continue our #DCA15 celebration, I thought I'd share an abridged version of a chapter...

The E-Ticket Life: Why The Great Movie Ride is the Only...

Disney's Hollywood Studios (still referred to adoringly by many fans as "MGM") is going through a bit of an identity crisis. Actually, what we're...

Resort Hopping

My calendar informs me that it's now less than a week until Christmas. On top of the fact that the year feels like it's...

Hyperspace Mountain Hype

In this week's E-Ticket Life, Kyle shares his review of Hyperspace Mountain.

Out of Season

In this week's E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle explains why he's strongly hoping for a Season of the Force soft opening next weekend.

Halloween Tales

In this week's E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle shares three Halloween-related tales.

My Tsum Tsum Life

In this week's The E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle talking about his recent experiences living the Tsum Tsum Life.

Different Drummer 2

In a sequel to a chapter in his book, The E-Ticket Life, Kyle reviews Ryan Adams take on Taylor Swift's album 1989

One Year Later

This week, Kyle celebrates one year of The E-Ticket Life blog with an open letter.

Food and Whine

In this week's E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle explains his love for Epcot Food and Wine and complains about not going this year

Not So Scary: A Guide to My Disney Idiosyncracies

In this week's E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle admits to some Disney elements that still startle him, even in a "Not So Scary" environment.

Disney Drama

In this week's The E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle questions some of Disney's recent actions and explains why it was a tumultuous week.

Supply & Demand

In this week's E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle talks Disney economics and questions some recent price points.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrowland

In this week's The E-Ticket Life blog, Kyle talks about Suburban Legends and the rumored loss of their Tomorrowland Terrace home.

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