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“The Princess and the Frog” is December’s Tsum Tsum Subscription Theme

Disney's Tsum Tsum Monthly Subscription for December 2017 celebrates The Princess and the Frog with mini plushes of Tiana, Naveen, and Mama Odie.

Toy Fair 2017: Jakks Pacific – Tsum Tsum, Beauty and the...

Take a look at all of the Jakks Pacific products from Toy Fair 2017, including Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, Tsum Tsum, Moana, and Disney Princess.

Marvel Tsum Tsum Game Goes Worldwide, Adds Doctor Strange

Great news for international gamers: Marvel Tsum Tsum is now available in over 150 App Store markets. Today mixi, Japan’s leading social networking service and...

Adventureland-Inspired Tsums Coming to Disney Parks October 11

The latest round Disney Parks-specific Tsum Tsums is set to be released October 11th and will take its inspiration from Adventureland. Additionally a new...

Tsum Tsums Have a Cupcake Battle

Disney has released the latest episode of their digital mockumentary series, Tsum Tsum Kingdom which gives "rare insight" into the lives of the miniature plush Tsum Tsum toys...

How to Crush Life and Marvel’s Tsum Tsum Game

The Marvel Tsum Tsum game is finally here to change your life, rock your world, and teach you how to take names everywhere you go. What are you waiting for?

Review: Marvel Tsum Tsum #1

The handheld stuffed Disney tsum tsum characters invaded North American shores in July of 2014, and they have only grown in popularity. Now Marvel...

Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Coming Soon

Ever since their debut in America, Tsum Tsums have become a force to be reckoned with. This includes the popular mobile game Disney Tsum Tsum....

Tsum Tsum Life: Cupcake Wars

Tsum Tsum Life returns with a look at the 2nd anniversary Tsum Tsum Cupcake game, plus an overview of the new Monsters, Inc. collection!

Tsum Tsum Life: Tsum Tsum Comics

Disneys Tsum Tsum expands the Marvel Universe with a four-part comic series that also teases future Tsum Tsum releases coming soon to Disney Store.

Summer Play Days Return to Disney Store with Tsum Tsum Wristbands

Summer Play Days return to Disney Store this week with free events daily all summer long. To kick off Summer Play Days, Disney Store...

Tsum Tsum Life: Games from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Disney Tsum Tsum Life returns with a look at the Epic Star Wars Event game plus Darth Vader, BB-8 and C-3PO. Plus a look at the Finding Dory collection.

Marvel Debuting Tsum Tsum Variant Covers

The Marvel Tsum Tsums are invading the Marvel Universe this fall in their very own comic series – Marvel Tsum Tsum #1. But in additioin,...

Disney Launches Tsum Tsum Kingdom Series

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qBxPm_IK9I Disney Interactive Media has launched a new video series featuring the popular Tsum Tsum toys. Today, Disney released the first episode of "Tsum Tsum...

Tsum Tsums Are Coming to the Marvel Universe

Nerdist.com has news of Tsum Tsums coming to the Marvel Universe. Tsum Tsums - both an addictive mobile game and a cute little plush...

Tsum Tsum Life: Are You a Fan of “The Wars?”

Alex focuses on "The Wars." To be specific, the Star Wars with Luke Skywalker, Yoda and R2-D2 joining the game plus a special Star Wars Day Release!

The Force Awakens Comes to Tsum Tsum

Disney Store has announced they will be releasing a Tsum Tsum set based on the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The collection will launch...

Tsum Tsum Life: When Winnie met Jar Jar

Learn all about The Phantom Menace Tsum Tsum collection, the new Honey Drop event in the game and the upcoming Jungle Book Tsum Tsums in this week's Tsum Tsum Life.

Tsum Tsum Life: Springtime Tsum Tsum Fun

Springtime comes to Disney Tsum Tsum with new bunny Tsum Tsums, Zootopia characters, and an Easter Egg Hunt game!

Star Wars: A New Hope as Told by Tsum Tsum

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHIAhNERzXs Disney has released a new video featuring the recently launched Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection. Check out “Tsum Tsum” Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and...

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