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Doobie picks some of the more viral, memorable and fun Disney videos around the web.

The Secrets and History of Main Street Featured in Latest Fresh...

The awesome YouTube Channel Fresh Baked Disney (introduced to me by my 7-year old, Gideon, who is very discerning on these matters) has a...

An Incredible Star Wars Medley With the Cast of The Force...

And I thought my excitement for seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens couldn't get any bigger. But this is just so much fun! Jimmy and The...

The Voice of Donald Duck Tries to Stump the Panel on...

Clarence "Ducky" Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck, appears on the classic game show What's My Line?

“Little Anakin Stole the Movie…” Star Wars Fans React to Phantom...

When a film is as hyped and anticipated as The Force Awakens is, it's hard to imagine most who see it during opening weekend won't...

Walt Disney World Parade and Show Mashup Played Beautifully on Piano

Below is the first video Andrew Ulang has uploaded to his YouTube channel. I'm sure it won't be the last. Disney World parade and...

Video Pick: 30 for 30 Parody – Angels in the Outfield

College Humor has a genius parody ESPN's 30 for 30 series looking at Disney's film Angels in the Outfield as if it really happened.

Video Pick: Pixar Pancakes

The pancake master Doctor Dan creates "Dancakes" based on all the Pixar films.

Video Pick: Disneyland Proposal with Mickey

A very special moment shared with Mickey and all of us.

Video Pick: “On the Open Road” LIVE!

From the D23 Expo - "On the Open Road" live with the voices of Goofy and Max - Bill Farmer and Jason Marsden.

Video Pick: A Day at Disney Time Lapse

If you can't spend the day at a Disney park today, this time lapse video will serve as a good substitute.

Video Pick: Is This a Ride?

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Disney Cast Member? This hilarious video may give you some idea.

Video Pick: Let It Flow

What happens when Let It Go meets the Dark Side of the Force? Let It Flow!

Video Pick: 12 Classic Disneyland Commercials

Doobie picks (and shows) 12 of his favorite Disneyland commercials from the past 60 years.

Video Pick: The Magical World of Depot

Doobie's latest Video Pick is an incredible Home Depot parody of several well-known Disney songs. You will enjoy it!

Video Pick: Disney’s Millennium Halftime Show

15 years ago Disney celebrated the millennium with a spectacular Super Bowl halftime show.

Video Pick: Look Like a Disney Princess

Want to look like a princess? YouTube has the answer, of course - a channel with over 300 million views featuring makeup transformations.

Video Pick: Find Your Light

Today's video pick is a new song promoting Hong Kong Disneyland that Doobie hopes will make its way stateside.

Video Pick: Disney Bounding Disney Moms

Disney Bounding: Using items you can find in your own closet or local mall, create looks outside of costumed or cosplay looks, which preresent...

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