It’s Christmas time. Shoppers are searching for gifts and, for fans of all things Disney, the Disney Store is the place to go. If you are a super fanatic Disney fan, and you have a Disney Store in your city, you’re lucky. I have a three-hour drive to the nearest one, but that hasn’t stopped me from shopping there.

The Disney Store is no replacement for a Disney Park, but if you have kids and they love their Anna or Elsa, anything Marvel, or Star Wars, the Disney Store is the place to go. Of course, if it’s for a Christmas gift, you probably won’t be bringing your kids along.

Here’s my approach to being successful at the Disney Store during this holiday season.


Shopping Alone

Christmas shopping has brought you to the Disney Store and no doubt it is crowded. The thing that has always thrown me off is that the Disney Store is crowded whether it’s in mid-December or in the middle of September. The Disney Store is full both because of the layout and brand popularity.

As you enter, one of the see-through windows at the entrance will likely catch your attention because it either promotes one of the recent movies or there is a multiple Star Wars and Marvel items tempting you. If you’re shopping for a boy, this will no doubt be your stop and you can soon proceed to the cash register and leave.

But if Marvel and Star Wars are not a solution to your gift needs, then take a breath and stop at the entrance and look around. You should notice (and it will be pretty obvious) a carousel of stuffed animals with a variety of Disney characters. This would be great for any young child on your list. Depending on the age, you could find a nice gift for any boy or girl up to the age of 10.


What if your child has a special interest like Vinylmation? Some Disney Stores actually have some Vinylmation characters. You need to look closer to the cashier area. The last Disney Store I was in only had one set of Vinylmation, but one is better than none.

If you’re in the market for princess stuff, Disney Store has all the essential items, from dresses to tiaras. No matter the Princess, you can outfit your child with the latest and greatest that can help them capture the feeling of being Belle, Aurora, or Ariel. You’re probably thinking, I’m not made of millions Bill. Well, I bought my daughter an Aurora tiara for just $15.

If you want odds and ends like lanyards, stationary, and little small toys like balls with Disney characters on it, look around the cash area, and you could find some exciting stocking stuffers. By the time you make it to the cash register, you should be able to find some affordable gifts, that will please your kids, and you will have not gone broke.

Shopping with Someone

My guess is that at some point, whether it’s during the Christmas holidays, or any other time, you may walk into a Disney Store with a child. Don’t panic. This could be a fun time with your child, but don’t be a Grinch while in there. The Disney Store is programmed for happiness. The colors are bright, the employees are friendly, and, if you have a child with you, they will no doubt want to look at everything and probably want to touch something. Let them.


From all my times in the Disney Store, I have never seen an employee tell a customer not to touch something, so let your child pick up that stuffed Mickey if they want, it’s not a crime. The Disney Store also has a kid’s area. In here they can dance and move around in any way they want while watching a compilation of Disney videos.

You want a successful visit to the Disney Store, buy your child something while you’re shopping. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. There are lots of options to appease the small child that wants a special Disney toy. Make your life easy, your shopping less stressful, and go the extra mile.

The Disney Store can be a fun place to shop. Don’t get overwhelmed, just relax and enjoy yourself. What’s the worst thing that could happen?