It’s the holiday season, whether you like it or not. I’ve already made my holiday Chex mix, have decorated the dorm room (when my roommate walked in to see a wreath and ornaments hanging from the season, he gave the decorations such side eye) and the Christmas Spotify playlist is blasting constantly. A Christmas present has arrived early this year, however, with the Nashville cast releasing their 1st ever Christmas album! We all know how obsessed I am with Nashville, so let’s see if this album has me “Keep Coming Back” or it’s the “Wrong Song”. #NashvillePuns

  1. Santa Baby by Clare Bowen- Scarlett has become more annoying, then less annoying, then more annoying, but currently less annoying. Along with the character arc being annoying, her songs tend to go down that boring path. However, her voice is perfectly suited for this Eartha Kitt classic. It doesn’t have the same pizazz as other versions of the tune, but it is still a nice cover. B+
  2. Blue Christmas by Charles Esten and Vince Gill- Let’s remind ourselves that Charles once recurred on Whose Line Is It Anyway and now kills it on this show. This is the perfect version of this song. Subtle, yet stirring harmonies from Mr. Country himself, Vince Gill, adds to the country flair and Charles sings it in a non-annoying voice or register (I’m looking at you, Elvis). A+
  3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Jonathan Jackson- I’ve never really heard this song covered, and especially not by a man. It was decent. His voice is great, which helps, but there is no way anyone can ever get as perfect as the fabulous Darlene Love, so just an “eh” from me. B-
  4. White Christmas by Hayden Panettiere- Speaking of “eh”…I have no idea why they didn’t change this song at all. Hayden’s voice is beautiful, and while she does a very nice job on this track, it could’ve been so much more. Not the worst, but not the best. B-
  5. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch by Connie Britton- I don’t know who chose this song, I don’t know who arranged this song, I don’t know who allowed this to happen…but it just made my holidays infinitely better. Holy crapola, this is so much fun, nicely sung, and just a great idea all around. One of my favorites. A+
  6. River by Sam Palladio- He’s British. I can’t get over that. Anyway, this is a very folky Christmas song that I had never heard before, that I know love. It is very reminiscent of Sam’s earlier Nashville tune “It Ain’t Yours To Throw Away” that I adore. Sweet song that is a great addition to your Christmas music playlist. A-
  7. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Connie Britton and Will Chase- Ruke is here to stay! It is a very literal and conversational version that has hints of classic Patsy or Loretta in its orchestrations. Their voices meld nice together…thus their perfect relationship on the show. Wonderful version of this classic. A
  8. Merry Christmas Baby by Aubrey Peeples- She holds a one note much longer then needed and it became an immediate deal breaker. It is trying to be sultrier then it actually is, so it becomes just one giant Try Hard song. C-
  9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Chaley Rose- This is how you make it your own, Hayden! Beautiful harmonies, riffs and orchestrations. It is the epitome of what a Nashville fan would want in a Christmas song. Chaley’s voice is also highly underused on the show, so having one of the best album is a nice win for her and listeners. A+
  10. Christmas Coming Home by Lennon & Maisy- This is what I come to expect from the dynamic duo, and they do not disappoint. Their harmonies are as spot on as usual and the track is much bouncier than usual, which is a great change of pace, yet they still keep their quintessential folk-tastic voices. Another perfect tune on the album. A+
  11. O Little Town Of Bethlehem by Will Chase- Song choice killed this track. Will Chase’s voice on the song, which is a great voice, is stunted by the boring tune. I would’ve rather heard a rousing country version of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” from Will, not this snoozer. D+
  12. Celebrate Me Home by Nashville Cast- This is everything I want in a Christmas song. Rousing choruses, crazy high notes, and a sense of joy and comfort. This delivers and is the best way to end the album. A+

There were a few clunkers, but I believe this is the best reviewed album I’ve ever listened to, so that’s exciting! I suggest picking up a copy. Let me know your thoughts and Happy Hoidays!

Christmas with Nashville is currently available through Amazon and iTunes.