489599_1288030382868_483_322Avid LPers know that we are in the midst of another year of Mouse Madness, with the theme covering female royalty this go around. While the list of opponents are fantastic, ranging from Merida to Aurora, Belle to Cinderella (and even though Elsa is technically a Queen, so Anna should fill her spot...just sayin'), there is one Princess that tops them all, no contest. Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi of Genovia is the best princess, character, franchise, and personal obsession to ever come out of the Disney company. The best way to describe her amazingness is through a way Mia would approve of...GIFs and Memes!

She just falls upon the having the royalty gene. She doesn't marry to obtain it (no offense, Cindy), she doesn't grow up knowing her future, she just has a heart to heart with her Grandmother Clarisse (JULIE FLIPPING ANDREWS) and finds out, changing her life forever.


Mia still has to deal with the rest of her teenage years, even after receiving the biggest news anyone could ever receive. Like, ever. She doesn't get a free ride, instead, she has to deal with a nasty Mandy Moore and that guy that lost Celebrity Mole: Hawaii. The awkwardness of life is something she continues to battle with, seen especially through her dancing...yikes.


Speaking of Queen Clarisse of Genovia, she is the absolute best. She cares about her granddaughter, knows she has the potential to grow in a spectacular future ruler of Genovia, and the woman can mattress surf like no other.


Her father trusts her too, even if he may not be with her all the time. His words are some of the most eloquent ever recited in a Disney film.


She also gets an amazing transformation, a la Season 2 of Idol Clay Aiken. How can you say no to that gorgeousness?!


Now, after she announces her decision to take the throne at the end of the first film, all is well and good, but The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, aka my favorite movie of all-time (I know I said Into the Woods in a previous article, but I lied, because this truly is.), raises the stakes, as Princess Mia now must take over the role of Queen of Genovia. Early on, Queen Clarisse teaches her granddaughter well, something other princesses wish they could've received.


However, a sense of shock radiates throughout the country as it is revealed that in order for Mia to ascend the throne, she must marry, to which Clarisse throws down some major feminism to the parliament of Genovia.


They try to instill an arranged marriage for Mia, and during the planning stages of the arrangement, a possible throw away gag becomes one of the first pro-LGBT moments in a Disney film. After Mia seems interested in a possible suitor who is a good dancer, the Queen's Head of Security states "His boyfriend thinks he's good, too," to which Mia and Lilly reply...


Most credit Good Luck Charlie for being the first real Disney mention of these issues...but no, it all started in Genovia. YOU GO MIA.

Speaking of Lilly, while all the other Princesses up for Mouse Madness have animals or household objects as sidekicks, Mia has Lilly Moscovitz, possibly the best sidekick Disney has ever had. She speaks her mind and doesn't give a crap what you think of her.


In the end, Mia tells all of Genovia that not only is it wrong to make a woman marry to obtain the throne, but Queen Clarisse has ruled without King Rupert (May he rest in peace) for years and has done an extraordinary job. To recap, MIA TELLS THE COUNTRY SHE'S A BOSS, AND THEY OBEY. Leia didn't do that, she just wore pastries on the side of her head.

Mia Thermopolis is an exemplary example of the perfect princess. She never takes herself too seriously, cares for her people, and shows the world just how amazing a human being can be. Overall, this is me telling you to vote Princess Mia for Mouse Madness. Yes, I love the 2 movies THAT much.

If you need some more convincing, Shonda Rhimes wrote Princess Diaries 2, Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway was for the film, and Mia also made Queen Clarisse aka Julie Andrews and RAVEN SYMONE sing a duet. You're welcome, world.