art-of-coloring-moanaThe trend of adult color therapy continues with the fifth Disney-branded Art of Coloring book and the second to be based off a single feature film, Moana. Recommended for ages 18 and up, fans who connect with the characters can revisit them, with some creative license, in this highly detailed coloring book.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Art of Coloring: Moana has a soft cover which actually makes it easier to access some of the pages. In terms of the content, it's fairly similar with about half of the pages featuring character artwork, the other half with mosaics and patterns inspired by the film. Of particular interest this time around are Maui's tattoos, which get some close up attention in this release.

The Pacific Islands come to life thanks to the 100 images in the book and whichever coloring medium you choose. I personally enjoy these books as a relaxation method and have collected all of the Disney volumes. This one doesn't feature any textual forward to put the images in context, but it's also less necessary since this isn't a collection of multiple Disney properties connected by a theme.

The majority of the pages feature Moana and Maui, but many other characters have their moment as well. Among them are Pua, Hei-Hei, Grandma Tala, the Kakamora and Te Ka. The collage pages feature tribal patterns as well as the flora and fauna of Motunui, Moana's home island.

I'm happy that Disney has added Moana to the collection of adult coloring books that also includes Disney Villains, animals, princesses, and Frozen. They're a perfect relaxation tool and this release helps to fuel my excitement for the film. So grab your colored pencils and take a trip to the Pacific Islands with Art of Coloring: Moana.