a-palace-fit-for-a-princessThe hit Disney Channel animated series, Elena of Avalor, invites kids to explore Elena's world with a new book called A Palace Fit for a Princess. Kids can "Look, lift, and discover" hidden items with over 100 liftable flaps found within its sturdy pages.

With no plot, the book is literally a tour of Elena's world and home. The first page introduces readers to all of Elena's friends and family. Starting outside of her palace, readers lift flaps to find characters as they make their way through the Grand Council, Elena's bedroom, Avalor's seaport, the music room, Isabel's laboratory and the Wizard's Workshop. Your tour ends outside the palace again as everyone waves goodbye from their windows.

Parents may be required to help younger kids open the flaps for the first time without damaging them. Once they've been opened once, it is easy to do so again. A pro tip: bend the pages to help open them rather than trying to use a finger nail. The toughest flaps to open are on the last page, which is on the back of this hardcover book so bending is less of an option.

Kids will delight in opening the flaps to find all of the surprises behind them. Some of them are uneventful, such as lights turning on, but the ones with characters will excite them. You can even make it a game of trying to name the characters behind the flaps, or in the case of some of the magical creatures, try to recount the adventures from the TV series that lead Elena to meeting them.

Elena of Avalor is a fun TV series and A Palace Fit for a Princess offers kids the chance to explore Elena's world on their own in an interactive way. If the little ones in your life love the series, this book is perfect for them.